Delivery and Shipping

Delivery and Shipping

Delivery process

We deliver quickly and reliably to your desired address.

whether to your home or to the office, your shipment is guaranteed to arrive in the best possible way. Just tell us where we should deliver and within a short time you will find the ordered products in your hands.

"Home Delivery by Aramex" is door-to-door, but there may be some instances when it is not possible to deliver due to customer not available, location not found, courier company limitation or local laws. In such cases, Aramex will directly contact customer to come and collect his shipment from the nearest Aramex depot. Find Aramex location in your area in Saudi Arabia or UAE.

How long does it take to deliver orders?

We deliver within 3-7 working days from the purchase date in Saudi Arabia, and within 2-3 working days from the purchase date in UAE. You can also know delivery date through product page or in the order history in My Account.

How can I schedule delivery?

Through the track shipments feature on or you can track your shipment through Shop and Ship tracking tool. Visit and enter your tracking number. You can use this method to track multiple shipments as well.

Contact to ARAMEX:

Saudi Arabia: +966 20027447

UAE: +971 (600) 544000